Alight Motion MOD APK 2023 v5.0.177 (Pro Unlocked, No Watermark)

Alight Motion MOD APK

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Alight Motion MOD APK 2023 – This is the era of digitalization and everything has become modern. Besides all, high-resolution photos, graphics, video creation, and high-quality visuals have become essential in every field. Although a video camera or smartphone is necessary to capture top-notch videos, having a brilliant image and video editing app is compulsory. If you are looking for a free and perfect app, the Alight Motion Pro APK 2023 (AM Pro) might be your ideal choice.

With it, You get complete freedom to create brilliant pieces of animation. There are many apps available online but Alight Motion Pro MOD APK 2023 will take your videos and images to the next level. It’s free to use and has a huge collection of editing options, features, and effects to edit videos with endless imagination.

Alight Motion Mod APK

It is the #1 Video Editing App on the play store since its launch in 2018. Hundreds of millions of users use it regularly. If you are familiar with the app, click the download button to get it free. Otherwise, read the complete guide to get complete information about it.

Alight Motion Pro MOD APK Additional Information

App NameAlight Motion Pro MOD APK
Latest Versionv5.0.177.1000045
Size150 MB
Released OnAug 5, 2018
DeveloperAlight Motion
CategoryVideo Editing
File TypeAPK
Supported ForAndroid Only
RequiresAndroid 6.0 and up
Ratings4.6 out of 5
Price100% Free
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Last Updated OnSep 19, 2023

What is Alight Motion MOD APK?

Alight Motion (AM Pro APK) is one of the best video editing and video animation apps with all the features of motion graphics. This application is developed by Alight Creative, Inc. having more than 50 Million downloads and millions of active users. It has been a long time since this app was launched but it’s still the first choice of users who belong to photography or video editing. 

In addition, this app is available for free from Google Play Store. You get this app in two different modes i.e. free and pro. In pro mode, you have to buy the subscription by paying a specific fee. The only difference between free and paid versions is the limited number of features, filters, editing tools, and more. 

In short, it’s a powerful tool for video and image editing. Whether you are a professional videographer or want to start your photography journey, this superb app will help you with all kinds of editing applications. Don’t hesitate! Download the latest version of this utility application on your android phone and enjoy. 

What Does Alight Motion Do?

If you are interested in making wonderful videos, impressive images, and creative animations, this app will help you get professional video clips. The most prominent aspect is that you don’t need expensive devices to run this software as you can use it on your smartphone. You get a brilliant set of tools that helps the users to edit and capture beautiful videos. With the built-in features, the app allows you to create and refine videos. 

AM Pro Mod Apk: Video and Animation editor brings high-end video animation tools for everyone. You don’t need to invest a handsome amount in purchasing a computer, laptop, or camera for editing as you can do all these tasks with a smartphone at your fingertips. Download this app and feel free to capture footage, edit videos, and create awesome motion graphics. 

How To Use an Alight Motion App on Your Phone?

It’s a fantastic image and video editing app that is available for both android and IOS operating systems. It’s a common question people ask: how to use an Alight Motion Premium App if we are a beginner or going to use it for the first time? Don’t worry! Here we will give you all the information about using this app without any issues. In a nutshell, the use of this fantastic app is easy and straightforward. Not only editing but you can capture live videos by setting up your preferences. 

Let’s start with how to use Alight Motion Apk Download on android. First, you need to download and install this fantastic app on your android phone. Open the app and select the video that you want to edit or you can choose your desired images to add to a video. Next, apply the filters, and video effects, or add text on individual images or as a whole. 

After that set, the speed settings, add/change the background, and add elements if you want. Now, that your video is ready, just preview the settings by playing the video in preview mode. Adjust the settings if you want to alter something. Your video is ready, just click on the export option and save it in your phone’s gallery in your desired resolution. The app offers different video qualities such as 480P, 720P, and so on.

Why Use Alight Motion For Android?

When you browse online, you will see several video editing apps (free or paid). However, there are a few prominent reasons that make alight motion one of the best editing apps. For your information, we have mentioned the significant reason for the likeness of this too in the following:

Powerful Editing Tool

A tool is called powerful when you can give your imagination a reality using integrated tools and features. AM Pro Apk is a powerful tool as you can convert your ideas into vector graphics and many other editing options. Instead of ordinary editing, it offers a high level of vector editing and the bitmap to do anything you want with your video. 

Layers are not a problem because you can create and adjust as many layers as you want. Not only a specific layer, but you can also utilize audio, video, and graphics layers without any problem.

Moreover, you can use the presets to create your own customizable curves for smooth video animation and motion graphics. Make the animation look more elegant with built-in frames. 

The editing does not end here; you can add your favorite quotes and text as well. The huge library of beautiful and stylish fonts makes your video more attractive and eye-catching for social media or any other application. Not only that, you can add third-party fonts using the customized fonts option. Also, adjust the frame size and ratio according to your needs and requirements, such as 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, and more. 

High-Resolution Video Publishing

The app brings another benefit for the users, such as you can preview your video before finalizing it. You don’t always need to save the video in the app’s format because you can export the video in different qualities. 

Whether you want to export it in 720P, 1080P, or any other resolution, it’s all possible with this fabulous app. Plus, you can upload or publish the video just after editing on social media in any desired quality. In our opinion, it’s a convenient app to use and also extremely flexible in editing. 

Important Aspects of Alight Motion MOD APK v5.0.177.1000045

Besides the above-mentioned functions, you can get many other benefits. You just have to download the Alight Motion Pro app from our provided downloading link, and it’s all done. The other aspects are:

  • It’s equally beneficial for both beginners and professional editors.
  • Enjoy different layer options to create amazing video graphics and animations.
  • Get a lot of accessible settings and options in keyframe animation that you will not find in other apps.
  • Hundreds of visual effects are helpful to get your desired results.
  • The color correction option is a plus by which you can set the gradients and colors filling in the app.
  • Shading is an important factor to create stunning facts. It’s not limited to images and videos, but you can apply it to other things such as borders and more.
  • Get the experience of using fluid motion to create a specific scene easily. You can also use available preset animation options in the app.
  • Last but not least, motion blur animation looks realistic because of the realism-base velocity and other effects. You can enjoy this premium feature even in mobile phone video editing.

Key Features of Alight Motion Pro Apk v5.0.177.1000045

Check out the key features and characteristics of alight motion app for android in the following. These features will let you know that this app is the right choice for your video editing and motion graphics projects. 

Edit On Your Phone

Several features are in your hands such as brightness, change effects, colors, transitions, add/remove images, and so on. There is also an option to download and add custom filters, transitions, and effects to make the work easier for you.

Photo Frames

The enhanced functionality offers you to create and adjust the smooth curves just like professional video editors. Surely, these effects will make your photo unique and more attractive. 
Thanks to the developers for frame up-gradation.

Effects & Controls

You can use the drilling effect of this app to make the video or image magnificently. Moreover, you can also apply the blur effect to show the focused point. The movement is controlled by the speed adjustment.

Editing on Your Mobile

In the past, you needed to have a computer desktop or laptop to edit photos professionally. However, the Alight motion app has changed the life of people. You can edit photos on your mobile using this app that will look more attractive and fabulous. All the users always get satisfying results to show off in front of their friends with a deep impression. 

We assure you won’t regret your download of this app. 

Several Photo Frames

Pictures look more fascinating when you apply some sort of photo frame to them. Alight motion consists of hundreds of beautiful photo frames having distinctive colors and designs. You can try numerous frames to choose the best for your images. Thanks to the developers for frame upgradation and availability in high resolution. 

Drilling Effects & Controls

It’s good to use frames but controls are also important. The visual effects make your photos and videos attractive but only due to their easy controls. The one-click functions to add or remove vivid effects make your video impressive.

GIFs and MP4 Videos

This latest application brings many significant features to export videos. Everyone knows that MP4 videos are used anywhere on social media or other apps. Also, GIFs have gotten much popularity among people. It’s quite interesting that you can export videos in different MP4 video qualities. Also, you can export them as GIFs for different purposes. 

Another point is that adding certain types of GIFs make your video more attractive and professional. You can convert image or video content to GIF videos to express your thoughts in an amazingly new way. 

Save Used Elements

While editing, you can save your recently used effects, transitions, and other tools. This functionality helps you use the same tools again just with one click. You don’t always need to find the same effects as it’s time consuming. Therefore, it’s a good idea to save such items to create stunning videos within no time. 

Consume your thoughts in design and leave other tasks on these awesome functionalities. Save time and energy and take advantage of all such features with this fabulous app. 

Free to Use

No one wants to pay for video editing, especially when you want to edit videos for yourself. Here is some good news for you alight motion apk for PC is completely free to use app. It’s open source and anyone can download it free of cost at our provided downloading link. Edit your videos, add stunning effects, and customize them to your satisfaction without paying any amount. 

Produce Video in Different Aspect Ratio

Sometimes you want to upload a video on different social platforms in different sizes. Here our point of concern is the aspect ratio. Alight motion allows you to expertly watch a single video in a different aspect ratio with a separate project name. The usually used aspect ratios are 16:9, 4:5, 1:1, 9:16, and more. You can also set the size by choosing a resolution. Not only that it’s also easy to change the background and frame rate while selecting the aspect ratio. 

Keyframe Animation Tool

You can create stunning animation and motion effects using this amazing tool. It’s an easy to use and advanced tool comparable to high-end editing software. Now you can enjoy the same effects and keyframe animations in the Alight motion app for android. This tool helps you move the object easily on a specific path in a video. Hundreds of customization options are also available with keyframe animation tools to make these tasks easier.

Features of Alight Motion MOD APK 2023

The app you download from Google Play Store comes with basic editing features. Also, you get a watermark on the videos when you export them. This watermark is usually used for advertising and copyright purposes. Sometimes you don’t want to get this watermark due to some reason. Similarly, many functions are restricted in the free version and you have to pay to get the pro or paid subscription. 

If you want to use these functions and export video without a watermark, we brought Alight Motion mod Apk for you. You can download this modified app from our website and enjoy everything free of cost.

The Prominent Features of Alight Motion MOD APK are:

  • Alight Motion Pro Features are Unlocked.
  • No Watermark.
  • All Tools are Unlocked.
  • Ads Free.
  • No In-app Purchases.
  • All Effects, Transitions, and other Tools are Unlocked.
  • Everything Unlimited.

Want to learn How to use Alight Motion?

Here is the official YouTube channel of Alight Motion Inc. You can learn from beginner to advanced level.

Just Go to the official Alight Motion Youtube Channel given below.

What’s New in Alight Motion Pro APK 2023

Alight Motion APK v5.0.177.1000045 (Latest)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Alight Motion APK v5.0.161.106019

The latest version of the Alight Motion Mod App brings the following exciting features:

  • (v5.0.161) Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Grouping and Masking.
  • Export MP4 video, GIF animation, PNG sequences, and stills.
  • Copy and paste entire layers or just their style.
  • New Effects: Raster Extrude, Star Polyhedron, Parenting Helper.
  • Preview Pan & Zoom.

Alight Motion APK v4.4.3.4917

  • Minor account management improve
  • Grid, Layer Solo, and More!

Alight Motion APK v4.4.2.4845

  • Export MP4 video, GIF animation, and PNG sequences

Alight Motion APK v4.4.1.4501

  • Add New Features.
  • New Effects and Borders.

Alight Motion APK v4.4.0.3918

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Adjust Color
  • Add Effects to Borders, Shadows, and Strokes!

Alight Motion APK v4.3.5.3673

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Alight Motion APK v4.3.4.3019

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • New Effects.
  • Different Filters.

Alight Motion APK v4.3.3.2956

  • Camera Objects
  • Multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Alight Motion APK v4.3.2

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • 160+ basic effect building blocks

Alight Motion APK v4.3.1

  • Add multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio

Alight Motion APK v4.3.0

  • Export MP4 video, GIF animation, and PNG sequences
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Add effects to Borders, Shadows, and Strokes!

Alight Motion APK v4.2.3

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Minor account management improvements
  • Grid, Layer Solo, and More!

Alight Motion APK v4.2.2

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Preview Pan & Zoom

Alight Motion APK v4.2.0

  • New filter
  • skins and effects. 
  • Minor account management improve
  • Grid, Layer Solo, and More!
  • New Effect: Omino Diffusion+, Omino Glass, Dark Glow
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Alight Motion APK v4.1.0

  • Added Malay translations
  • New Effects: Luma Stamper, Page Curl, Streak Strips
  • Frame rate options: 18fps, 20fps
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • ….and many more.

Alight Motion APK v4.0.5

  • Clipping Mask
  • Layer Parenting
  • Preview Pan & Zoom
  • Bug fixes and performance
  • ….and many more.


Alight Motion mod Apk v4.3.3
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How To Download and Install Alight Motion Mod Apk 

If you have decided to get this fabulous app, the procedure to install it is pretty easy. For your ease, we have mentioned all the necessary steps to download and install this app on your Android phone:

  1. First, delete the play store version of Alight Motion app from your Android phone. 
  2. Now, go to our downloading link and download the Alight Motion MOD APK
  3. go to mobile settings > security settings > “Allow” unknown sources to give security permissions. 
  4. Now open the downloaded file and click “Install”.
  5. It will hardly take 2 minutes, you just have to wait for the installation to complete. 
  6. Congratulations! The Alight Motion modified app has been successfully installed on your Android phone. Open and enjoy the video editing.
Download and Install Alight Motion MOD Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have tested and installed it on different android devices having distinctive specifications. The app has passed all the tests and we found it to be a 100% safe and virus-free app for video editing. 

Alight motion (AM mod) app download is launched to give the users editing ease. It brings many useful options that make overall editing a piece of cake. If we talk about the layers, you can mess up all of them within one click. 

Yes, it’s an open-source app and modified by the developers. Its mod version is available free of cost for everyone who wants to enjoy all the premium features without paying a subscription fee.

Final Verdict

Alight Motion MOD APK (Also Called Alight Motion Pro APK) is one of the most loved video editing and animation apps. It’s for those who want to edit their videos professionally without any investment. We also recommend you try AM Pro App at least once to get an idea about its amazing tools and features. We have shared all the details about this app with a downloading link. Just download, install the app, and enjoy awesome editing options for free.

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