How to Import Fonts in Alight Motion App (Easy Steps)

Last updated: April 14th, 2024

Did you just edit a video in Alight Motion Fonts Apk and aren’t quite satisfied with it? Something seems to be missing or doesn’t look professional enough. Or you don’t have the font that would light up your video like wow?

How to Import Fonts in Alight Motion App

How to Import Fonts in Alight Motion? The task seems like a bug, and downloading fonts seems even more bugging. Wondered if you wouldn’t have to open your laptop and transfer files. Edit them, then transfer them again to your phone to upload them. All of it is just a hassle.

You won’t have to go through all this tedious process to import fonts. Thankfully, there is an easy way to import fonts into Alight Motion so that you can use any font that you want. Keep reading to learn how!

Here you can download: Alight Motion mod Apk

Alight Motion Fonts APK – Copy and Paste

Alight Motion mod APK is a relatively new application by Alight Creative Inc. based in South Korea. The company has a knack for new ways to create, hence, Creative. Alight Motion fonts creates stunning motion designs, animations, and videos with the world’s first professional motion graphics toolset created for mobile platforms.

One recent query is, how to import fonts in Alight Motion APK when you cannot find the right fit for your video? Or when there is just this font that you love and want to add to your video? How do you do it?

Well, the answer to that is just right here.                                                

How to Import Fonts in Alight Motion Android/iOS?

It’s time to understand how Alight Motion fonts imports. Whether it be fonts or adding motion to your videos, your way to make them stand out is right here! And that too on your phone. The steps below will guide you in exporting fonts in Alight Motion.

Step 1: Download the Fonts That You Want to Use

The first step is to download the free fonts that you want to use. There are a few ways to do this. 

One way is to go to a website like DaFont Alight Motion, Pixel Font Alight Motion, or 1001 Free Fonts and find the fonts you want to download. Once you’ve found the fonts, click the “Download” button and save the fonts to your Android or iOS devices.

Another way to download fonts is to purchase them from a website like MyFonts or Adobe Fonts. Once you’ve downloaded or purchased the fonts, move on to the next step.

Remember: Make sure it’s not compressed and is preferably in the extension of .ttf (some .otf files might work as well). 

Step 2: Add the Fonts to Your Assets/Media Library

The next step is – to add the fonts you downloaded in Step 1 to your Assets/ Media library.

To do this, open up Alight Motion and click on the “Media” tab at the bottom of the screen. Next, click on the “Add Asset>” button and select “Add Local Files.” 

Find the folder where you saved the fonts on your computer and select all of them. Once they’re selected, click on the “Open” button, and they will be added to your Assets library.

Step 3: Use the Fonts in Your Projects

Now that you’ve added the fonts to your Media library, you can use them in your projects! To do this, simply create a new text layer and select one of the fonts you want to add. The font will now be applied to your text layer, and you can use it just like any other font!

Tip: On some devices you can even enter multi-select mode by long press, to import several fonts all at once.! How cool is that?

For iPhone and iPad, you can also manage custom fonts manually, by adding or deleting them in the Alight Motion iOS folder you’ll find in the Files app.

Why can’t I import fonts in an Alight Motion App? 

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to import fonts into Alight Motion mod apk. In most cases, the font you’re trying to use isn’t installed or downloaded on your device. Fonts can also be corrupt, which can cause problems when trying to use them in Alight Motion. Sometimes, uninstalling and reinstalling the font can fix these issues.

Final Words

Viola! You now have your own imported font to readily use on your video! Ready to use new fonts and style your videos as much as you like? Get creative and expand your horizons by exploring many more features to get the best out of the Alight Motion Fonts Apk. With imported fonts, you’ll be able to create even more creative and unique videos than ever before!

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