Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 18th, 2022

At, your privacy is our primary concern, and we prioritize our visitors in this matter. This privacy policy of our blog contains all the information you need, for example, what we collect, record, and use at

After reading this whole document, you can still use the contact us form for further queries and information about our privacy policy. A contact form is a secure way to ask queries without revealing your identity and comments to the audience.

Our website uses some third-party services for advertising and other purposes. You may be asked to accept cookies that do not track or collect any personal data or information. In detail, we collect the following types of information from the visitors.

We Collect:


Each post and page contains a comment section. The basic purpose of this section is to ask any query, interact with the other visitors, share knowledge, and more. We collect the data shown in the comment area for spam detection. We analyze each comment and ensure a healthy conversation between the visitors to make it a valuable platform for everyone. Your provided email and a few other details ensure that you are not spamming here.


We check all the uploaded media by the visitors to detect spam. Try to avoid uploading files with EXIF GPS or location whenever you upload an image. It might be harmful to you because other people can know your location from the images uploaded by you.


When you visit our website, the opt-in cookies save your email, name, and address. These details are saved in a file automatically on your computer. This might help you get the details pre-filled the next time you want to contact us or comment. Such cookies last for a year and are deleted automatically without any action.

We don’t collect cookies just by visiting, but our website always asks to save the cookies. If you don’t want to save all the cookies, you can select the Customize Cookies option. Don’t worry! Cookies don’t collect sensitive information, and it is discarded when you close your browser.

Analytics and Data Access

When you visit, our website same some common information of the visitors. These queries are server-based to detect spam and make it a secure website. Commonly the information includes:

  • User’s IP address
  • The page you have visited
  • Time, date, and time of the event
  • Browser type and its version
  • Your device and operating system
  • Cache if previously saved

This date also helps us to make our website page speed better by analyzing the demographics of the visitors.

Advertising is also a partner with third-party advertising services. These platforms might collect some data about the visitors whenever you click the ads or visit the different pages. This data is collected to provide you with intent-based advertising. Our trusted advertising partners are Google AdSense and others.

Privacy Policy Update

We keep our privacy policy constantly updated according to the features, advertising companies, and any changing we perform. In short, our website is completely secured with privacy regulations.